Treat yourself, your colleagues, your friends, or somebody special in your life to a box of gourmet stuffed cookies. Renowned for their slightly crispy edges leading to a super soft and chewy gooey bite, just how cookies should be! Our cookies are guaranteed to never disappoint!


These indulgent cookies are all made fresh to order by The Koalaty Bakery Co. with good Koalaty love in each and every piece of baked goodies. Choose from a box of 6 or 12 and 1 or 2 flavours.


Chocolate stuffed cookies with a chocolate hazelnut filling enclosed with our vanilla cookie dough and drizzled with rich chocolate. Lotus biscoff stuffed cookies with a lotus biscoff filling enclosed with our vanilla cookie dough and topped with biscoff drizzle and biscoff crumb biscuits.


The Koalaty Bakery Co. takes allergens very seriously and due to the manufacturing methods, they are not suitable for anyone who suffers from an allergy. All baked goods contain gluten and soy. If you would like more information, please contact us.

Stuffed Cookies (box of 6 or 12)